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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Death of a Tumble Dryer Ventilation Hose.............

Hi Alf here,

Well what can I say - Mindy has been getting better over the last few months until yesterday that is.

Pinkies spent the weekend doing odd jobs as they always do and Dad decided to fit the vent on the tumble dryer so that it goes straight outside from the utility room and not through the window. This way they can have it on Economy Seven - (Cheap skates!!!).

Anyway it was all fitted nicely and it came through the wall into our muppet pen behind a flap. Imagine Dad's horror when he came home at lunchtime yesterday to see it stretched out and wrecked all over the floor! I kid you not.......The mad woman had got hold of it - still haven't worked out how yet though, and pulled it through the wall - it's a wonder she didn't pull the dryer off the shelf in the utility and wrenched the lot through - nothing left inside at all! She was jumping around barking all excited when he got home, I walked off and left them to discuss it together. I think she was sorry because she was quiet last night, but back to her stupid self this morning!

Anyway I'll leave you with a picture of it and her - although she didn't want to sit next to it and she refused to look at the camera!!!

See you all soon - I'm off to wrap a present for my girl!

Alf x

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday Morning Stroll

Hello everyone,

Well here we are again - another post. Not too much has been going on in the land of Airedale Adventures as the weather has been very very cold and very very foggy - so foggy I thought I was going blind!

We were supposed to be meeting up with my girlfriend Molly and her brother Taffy last Saturday but we got fogged out and it wasn't really deemed safe to drive so far just incase we got lost etc.,!! Ha don't they realise I know the way!

Anyway - we've had some beautiful Sunday morning walks recently because it's been frosty and very nice walking weather.

Yesterday we got up as it was getting light and set off up the road in the muppet mobile - parked in a layby and set off over the fields across public footpaths. The views were spectacular and Mindy even managed to get us breakfast! (A little mousey) if you look closely enough at the picture you can see it's innards that obviously popped out when she bit it! Ergh such a revolting lady!

Onto the building works. Nothing much has been happening there either!!!! We had to wait for EON to come and move the electric meter, it was in the way of the new kitchen and so had to be moved back outside - it cost a fortune and we had to wait ages! Then the electrican came check dad's wiring over, the plasterboarding is finished and the plasterer is coming on Saturday! The kitchen should be here before Christmas - but to be honest we aren't holding our breath as it should have been ready mid September!!! Anyway at least we know it's in the process of being built!

Ooh yes - just remembered - Dad fitted the flue for the log burner in the new kitchen and it's wonderful - the heat of it is amazing - Dad makes it up for me before bed and mum puts my basket in front of it for me - I look like a king!!! (I'll try and get a picture of me in it for you all!!!).

The pinkies are going to Cornwall just before Christmas to order the stone tiles for the kitchen floor - hopefully we are going too - well I haven't heard the 'K' word mentioned so we must be!!

Anyway - hope you like the pics - catch you all soon.

Alf x

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mindy's Early Morning Run!!!!

Hi to everyone again - it's me Alf. I wanted to update you all on Mindy's mission a couple of Saturday mornings ago.

We got up a little later than usual at 7.00am and Pinky Daddy said he would come a walk with us and Pinky mummy up the track where we go in the mornings - I amble along sniffing whilst Mad Mindy runs up and down and tries to catch mice and birds and things.

We got to the top of the track and Mindy saw a Partridge so she went into the next field to try and catch it - she came straight back when she was called and Dad was going to put her lead on but Mum said no leave her she'll be o.k.....................famous last words.

A bird took off and started flying away over the fields - which to be honest go on and on and on and on. Mindy was off - She was called - shouted - yelled at all to no avail. She was running really fast - followed by Dad who was trying to run after her at an angle so that he would eventually be infront - Hah who was he trying to kid - it was so muddy that his boots were gathering mud and they were getting biger and bigger! Eventually after Mum started running as well followed by me behind, Mindy stopped to do what Muppets do when they go walking, luckily that gave Dad the chance to get her - she was straight back on the lead and marched back home. She was so lucky that they saw the funny side of it...........otherwise she'd have been in the bad books for a good while! She never did catch the bird. We thought Dad was going to have a heart attack - he hasn't been running that early in the morning ever! He hadn't even had a cup of tea!

Anyway she's not being let off in the mornings at the moment because it's dark in the mornings and who knows what she'll do..............!!!

I've attached a couple of pictures of the track and the field and a very tired Mindy after the ordeal!

Alf x

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hi again

Twice in one day we are getting good. More like there's nothing going on at Pinkies work so she's doing it from there!

Anyway, as I was previously saying we went to Cornwall and met up with Bob. Two weeks before our very own Pinky had been in hospital to have an operation on her right wrist. She had been having pain in it for about 4 years and it had got too much so an operation was needed. It turns out that she has 'Synovial Chondromatosis' which apparently is a condition that men get in their knees wait for their 40's. It might have escaped the surgeons attention but my mum is a lady and she's not yet 40!!! Well not far to go but still not quite 40!

She is a mystery - which we all knew anyway. She was off work for 3 weeks and stayed with us and then she went back to work - Daddy Pinky had to driver her to work and then the plaster came off after 5 weeks - her arm was horrible, we thought ET had moved in.

So when we went to Cornwall we didn't do much because of Pinkies plaster!! We did however have a good time and because the weather was soo good we stayed on for an extra couple of nights!

The pictures in the slidey thing are me trying to get the stick off Bob - I did it in the end but they made me give it back!

Catch you all soon for more installments!

Mindy xx

Building and Knocking Through

Hi everyone,

Well as usual it has been sooo long since we blogged, it's all down to our Pinkie, she gets home from work and starts helping Daddy Pinky to do building work, walk us and feed us and then is too tired to start blogging. We try nagging at her but sometimes I don't think she listens.

Anyhow - since our last blog we've been helping with the building work (pictures attached at end). We knocked through into the new kitchen last weekend - pheweee what alot of dust, where does it come from - well I know where it comes from but it keeps appearing - I've asked for a mask but never got one, I was told to stop whinging and go outside! Huh - don't they realise that I'm the foreman!

Also we've been away on holiday to Cornwall where we met up with Pinkies school friend and her husband and their dog 'Bob'. He's a Border Collie that has had a pretty tough life up until now but unfortunately he doesn't have a personality he just doesn't communicate with us dogs - he likes Pinkies but doesn't want to communicate with us, still that's fine I got the stick off him in the water! I didn't realise that he was swimming (Mindy this is)! so when I went chasing after him to get the big stickie I was out of my depth and came running back out quick! I waited for him and then when it was only upto my knees - I got it off him.! Ha that'll teach him to be mean to Mindy! Alf on the other hand didn't even get his paws wet, he doesn't like water whatsoever.

Anyway - I'm off to download some photos of our times away and will be back later with more!

Mindy xxxx

Friday, August 8, 2008

More pub pictures

Smugglers Cottage
Heron Inn - Malpas (to the left)

King Harry Ferry - Feock

Pictures of our favourite pubs in Cornwall.

Castaways Bar - Mylor

Mindys Day out with Pinky

Hey everyone it's me Mindy!

I want to tell you all about my day out on a boat with Pinky!

It all started on the Monday morning when we were away in Cornwall, dad said he was going to visit his dad's old friend who is rather old and cantankerous - Mum said she would prefer not to go because Mindy would get bored! Huh what a cheek! Anyway Dad said that was fine and that he would take Alf because he likes to sleep and Mum could take me out into Falmouth and Truro.

He dropped us off and I said goodbye to Alf - and we walked into Falmouth and went to the pier to find out what time the boat left for Truro. We had 2 hours to kill so we walked down to the Maritime Museum and had a look at the shops there, I was even allowed into the 'Wierd Fish' Shop as long as I didn't try anything on!! I'm not sure whether they meant clothing or chewing! They had obviously heard all about my habits!

Anyway we had a walk around and sat at an outdoor cafe and a had a bowl of water and a bonio! Well Pinky had a cup of coffee and some cake. She didn't fancy the bonio!

We went over and sat and waited for the boat and eventually it came and we all boarded, luckily we got the pointed end all to ourselves so that we could stand up and look out to see with the wind in our beards! Well Pinky doesn't have one but she stood up with me and felt the wind in her hair!

When we eventually arrived in Truro - it takes an hour by boat we had a long walk ahead of us. There is actually a cycle track that you can take and it is a shortcut but we couldn't find it!! So we had to walk up a great big hill in the blistering heat along side a dual carriage way! Anyway we got to the top and started walking down the hill and towards a village called Calenick. We walked for an and a half until we got a phone call from Dad to say he was on his way down the hill and where were we! We could see him but we were stuck on a cycle track up a hill - we could see the road but he couldn't see us! He had to park at the other end and wait for us to catch up! Anyway Alf was very very pleased to see us and so we hitched a ride and went to the pub!!

All in all I had a great day out with mum and hope we can do it again soon!

I'll leave you with some pictures of my aboard the Enterprise II Boat!

Love Mindy xx

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Catching Up!

Hi everyone,

Well it's about time we caught up with some blogs and also updated ours. I don't know how these pinkies go from day to day without some form of blogging but it seems they do! Oh well I think I may try and get some typing lessons and then maybe I could update on my own!

Well last month we all went to Cornwall for a very long weekend - 5 days infact so almost a week! It was great we had some rain the first day and then after that it was brilliant sunshine and hot hot hot! Although it did get a little much for me and I had to call ring and ride to come and rescue me........more about that with some pictures shortly!

We stayed in our caravan in Cornwall and travelled to Fowey, St. Austell and did the usual pubs that we visit while down there!, The Heron Inn, Malpas near Truro (brilliant food) but dogs have to stay outside. to name a few. Now don't think that my parents have a drinking problem, I don't think they do but then again we don't have anyone to compare them with! Although they do eat at the pubs too!

On the Saturday we visited Fowey, it was breezy and a little cool but it soon warmed up and boy did it get hot. I'm not over keen on walking on a lead I prefer to be loose and sniffing around at my own pace which is about as fast as a snail! (According to the pinkies!!!).

It got so hot that Dad and Mindy had to go and fetch the Muppet Mobile so that I wouldn't pass out, it was about 27 degrees and far too hot for me! I was so hot and tired that I fell asleep with my beard and my head in my water dish while going along - I woke up when the flash on the camera made me jump! I wasn't impressed to say the least!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures and will be back shortly after my dinner!

Alf x

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spike on the move!

Here he is - our little coughing pet! He was walking across the field and coughing - maybe he had hayfever - we had just mowed!

Alf n Mindy x

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A visitor called 'Spike'

Hey everyone - what a gorgeous day it has been today here in Derbyshire, except for the fact that pinky decided she would bath us! What a mistake that was - guess who got the wettest? Not us that's for sure!

Anyway - Pinky has been gardening today and mowing and pruning - things that these pinkies seem to get carried away with! At least the greenhouse is nearly empty now and the summer plants are in!

Mindy and I kept disapearing and getting really excited - but Pinky couldn't smell we were made to stay where she could see us until we'd forgotten about the smell..........

Then when Dad came home - there it was - sat by the car...............Spike the Hedgehog!
Mindy had to be put away in the muppet pen as she was just beside herself with excitement! I just sniffed and went to bed!
I'll leave you with a video of him!
Alf n Mindy x

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Muppets Day Out

Hi there everyone,

We're still around and haven't been taken away by Aliens!! A couple of Sunday's ago we had a lovely early morning walk in the sunshine before it got too warm for us before everyone else had got up. We walked down some lovely lanes and through a Rape Seed Field - that made us all sneeze and cough! It was beautiful though against the blue sky.

We have been keeping the builder on his toes - and especially the carpenter who came to make the roof! It was great fun!! I've attached some pictures of Mindy looking up the step ladders to the new bedroom - probably wondering how we are going to get up there to nap on the big bed! We haven't told her that we have to knock through from the spare bedroom!

Alf has been playing at riding in the wheel barrow after his hard day at work supervising the loading of the skip - he gets a ride back to the house! I only sit in it but won't let them push me around! Alf's soft!

Best go - catch you all soon.

Mindy and Alf xxx

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free Range Muppet!!

Hi there

I can't believe how long it has been sincy Pinky updated our blog. We are always nagging at her to get it done, and there is always something more important. Nevermind she's doing it now - we are sat with her barktating to her - she doesn't quite understand what we are on about but we can put her right as we go along.

Well the building work is coming along nicely - we shall attach some piccies later when we get back from work! Alf has been supervising and even kept the carpenter up the scaffold because he was too scared to get down as Alf was at the bottom of the ladders!! It was so funny - he had to wait until Pinky had stopped mowing the lawns so that she could hear him shouting for help! It was really, really great!! - by Mindy

Well for the last week Mindy has been let off her lead on our morning walks - and she has done fantastically well! She chases after her ball and comes back everytime she is called! Although luckily no-one goes up the public footpath at 6.30am in the morning - maybe if she saw someone else it would be a different story - but she's fine at the moment! There are a few gaps in the hedges that she sticks her head through but comes back when she's told! I on the other hand - ignore her and walk along sniffing and watering the flowers! - by Alf

We are off down to Cornwall soon for a long weekend - I'm hoping to get a week in down there but we'll see!

Catch you all soon - and promise it won't be so long next time.

Licks and sniffs

Alf n Mindy x

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mindy goes missing!

Hi Alf here. I must write and tell you about Mindy going missing last night in the howling wind and pouring rain!

We were let out at about 9.00pm and pinky didn't realise it was raining so off we go - she then starts watching TV and suddenly said at 9.20 - oops I forgot the muppets are outside!

So in I came (like a good boy) called for Mindy - nowhere to be seen or heard! Well they wouldn't see would they - we live in the middle of nowhere and it was dark - the lights were on but they're not that bright! (Neither is Mindy!).

So we called, whistled, shook the biscuit tin, clanged the dish with a fork and shouted "MUPPET MEAT". No Mindy. Pinky went into a panic and started charging round the field looking for signs of a missing dog! Daddy pinky who has far more intelligence had a look in the muppet pen - and there she was - she had gone in and the wind had blew the gate shut! She was stood behind it wagging her tail! Needless to say - we were all happy and could go back in the warm!

Mummy Pinky still can't understand why she didn't bark! Maybe she was enjoying watching them rush around!

Anyway - she's having a bit of an Airedo again this afternoon - 1/2 an hour a day - her fur grows that quick - she looks like a woolly mammoth most of the time!

Alf x

Monday, March 17, 2008

Building Work Underway!

Hey guys,

Alf here - long time again and no writing! I've been so busy and Pinky has been to busy to do my audio typing for me. I record it all and she types it up - unfortunately this is a busy time for her at work - but it's underway now! You'll just have to bear with me until she can put the pics on!

Well the building is coming along - as you may know we had to wait for some sunlounge steel beams to be delivered as there is alot of glass in the building we have to have steel beams installed so that they support the weight of the tiles on the roof! I stayed out of the way to be honest when the beams were put in - as I didn't want to get squashed - the pinkies did 2 of them and then the builder helped with the biggest and heaviest one on Saturday last week - Mummy Pinky supervised!

We now have to get the scaffolders in so that we can carry on with the brickwork on the upstairs part of it! It's all action here - we were called off the job last week though as the winds here were so bad - I almost got blew over.

Mindy doesn't supervise the building work - she spends time poking around in Al's van looking for food! (Typical girl!).

Yesterday we had some friends come up from Gloucester for the day - Wendy - went to school with my Pinky since they were 3 - so you can imagine how long they've been friends for!!! I did my usual stare out job at them but they weren't scared - so I gave up in the end. Mindy was embarassing as usual and wouldn't leave the alone and kept going back to them for fuss! We all went for a lovely walk in the afternoon after dinner - as the rain had stopped and the sun came out. We walked down some lovely public footpaths across fields - then we came across a stile - not a problem to some dogs - but I don't do agility and to make matters worse - it was under water too! I had to get underneath a rail and got soaked - it took me ages and there was mention of us all having to turn round and go back the way we had come! No way were they going to blame for that! So I went through - and guess what was round the next corner! Yes you've guessed it another 2! I eventually got through - Mindy just cleared them with pinky on the end of the lead! The last one was awful it was flooded and everyone had wellies on but me - so they walked right through - I walked around the edge and got brambles in my face - but that's better than getting my feet wet! Mindy was filthy it came to the top of her front legs - but she wasn't bothered. It was a shame the camera had been left behind though!

Anyway - that's it from me for now - I'll leave you with some pictures!

Alf x

Monday, February 4, 2008

February 2008!

Well hello again!

It's been pretty wet by us just lately so not much has been going on, apart from having feet wiped every time we venture outside and back in again!

We have started to have an extension to our house so there is mud a plenty that keeps Mindy amused for hours! We had the foundations dug out last Sunday - and we had to get them covered over with wood to stop us from falling down the holes - it is so hard now to get in the house, before we had 2 steps now we have to jump!!! Mindy was caught doing her own excavation - she was going like the clappers! What gave it away though was her grunting whilst digging! If only the camera had of been to paw!

I'm supervising the build as I did before when we built the garage, just so that the builders know who's in charge! Although Mindy was found in the back of the builders van helping herself to his lunch box! No manners that one!

I'll get pinky to download some photos later - and will get them on here as soon as I pawsibly can!


Alf x

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you very much to Poppy and Penny for our award - you really are kind.
Alf n Mindy xxx

We've been tagged again!

Molly and Taffy have set us a challenge to answer the following questions, and then pass the tag on!

These are the questions:-

1.) If I were another kind of animal, I would be a ______ because_____.

2.) My most favoritest song is ____because____.

3.) If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in ______because ____.

4.) If I were a famous movie star or personality, I would be ____ because ____.

5.) I should be the spokesman for ___(product name)___ because_____.

Here are our answers:....

1. Alf - If I was another type of animal I would be a Lion - I would sit and watch the world go by with a very wise face - but able to catch what I wanted!
Mindy - I would be a Leopard - fast and no-one has spots on me!

2. Rocket Man by Elton John - because our Daddy sings it to me but changes the words to "Muppet Man" (my nickname) . Mindy would have Muppett Woman - As Wonder Woman with different words!

3. If I could live anywhere in the world - it would be where my mum lives - If she's happy then Im happy! Mindy - I would live at the "Bonio" Factory where I would be happy for the rest of my life!

4. If I were a famous movie Star I would be James Bond - Shaken not stirred - the ladies love me! Mindy - I would be Doris Day - good looking, and with a wonderful voice!

5. I should be the spokesman for "Spam" meat company - well we both would - in our house it is called Muppett Meat - we don't eat the cheap stuff we only like the decent stuff. The Pinkies are banned from eating it though. It's for us only!

Our Award

We have received the following award from my good mate Noah - in Oz. Thanks very much and I hope you are feeling better soon. Alf x (Oh and Mindy!)

This award is presented to bloggers whose blog brings you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. The rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 people (we'd actually like to pass it to all our maties).

Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Christmas Get Away!

Hi there,

Well we haven't written for a while, as we went down to Cornwall on Boxing Day. We had a great time. The weather was pretty mild between 10 and 12 degrees most days. I (Mindy) went in the Helford River - which connects to the sea - and guess what it was cold - Pinky thought it was even colder because she came in too - only to her ankles though - I went in to the top of my legs!

We went on some lovely walks and had some nice pinky food too! I was a good girl all week and excelled myself so much that when we got home mum said that I didn't have to sleep in my crate at night anymore - however - after I came in from the toilet before bedtime I sat at the door of it crying to go in! So I'm still in it! I don't mind though it gives me some peace and quiet! I slept well whilst at the caravan because I had my own little bed there - I wouldn't let Alf get on it, it was epecially for me. I did sleep on the big bed once, but the pinkies make me too hot if I'm honest!

So I will leave you with some pictures of Christmas etc, and Happy New Year all our fellow bloggers!

Mindy x and Alf x


Checking out the building products

Building Work Supervision

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Chewing her tennis ball!

Mindy Bob and the Stick

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Cornwall Pictures.

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Alf n Mindy's Day Out


What - my face isn't dirty!

Muppets in the Snow!

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I'm telling you my face is not dirty!

Mindy's feet

Mindy's feet
These feet are NOT mine!


Well it wasn't me mum!

Cromford Mill

Cromford Mill

John, Hilary, Molly, Taffy, Mindy and Alf

John, Hilary, Molly, Taffy, Mindy and Alf
Everyone but Pinky!

Alf Napping

Alf Napping
I'm shattered

Mindy Napping

Mindy Napping
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