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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our Chums!

Hi there,

Well Sunday was a nice day for Miny and I, we went to Cromford (in Derbyshire) and met up with Molly and Taffy. I don't think Taffy is too keen on me - but to be honest I'm too shy to have a go back! He can be boss, if he thinks I want to be in charge of two uncontrollable women (Mindy and Molly) then he can think again!

Anyway the rain stayed away and we had a great walk, I excelled myself and jumped off a wall over some barbed wire to the field below..........the pinkies looked on in horror as I was now stranded but attached to an extending lead - luckily it was on extend otherwise Pinky Mum would have followed!! (Now that would have been funny). Mum and Hilary had to carry on down the track to a stile to try and get me back but the field looked a bit wet and boggy so mum wouldn't cross it - luckily I managed to get back up the embankment to John who now had my lead and we went and rescued the Pinkies! phew was I glad to see them! Although it did give me 5 minutes to have a word with Molly - if you know what I mean!

After our walk we went back to Molly and Taffy's for a drink and a bonio and a quick nap in Taffy's bed! Not sure how I fitted in it but I did all the same!

I'll leave you with some pictures.........


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mindy's Story

Hi Guys,

It's great now that I have got the hang of typing and so whilst the old git (Alf) is asleep - thought I would tell you more of my antics.

I have been a bit of a madam apparently since arriving here. I couldn't believe my luck when I came here. We have a paddock that we can run around in, chase pheasants and partridges, bunny rabbits and anything else that takes my fancy. Normally Alf - I can lunge at him from a great distance - but haven't mastered knocking him to the floor yet. He ends up pinning me to the floor by my throat and then walking off. We certainly have our moments.

Well I've chewed quite a lot of things since arriving, the most recent being the hosepipe. Last Friday my pinkies went to work and we were in our run as we are in the day when pinkies go out. Well I got a little bored so emptied Alf's kennel out and then decided that I would chew the hosepipe that goes into the box thing that reels itself in. Well I put my K9's through it and water was gushing out - we had to run for cover. By the time dad got home the run was 2" deep in water, Dad got soaked unlocking us and had to leave his clothes on the door step, Mum found found them when she got back and it was so cold they were frozen to the step - he wasn't happy. I had a right telling off because the electrics had fused as well. I don't do things by half. Well I stayed quiet for a couple of days and just followed wherever they went.

I did have a nice day yesterday though mum took us to Rosliston Forestry Centre where there are some nice walks where we don't have to get muddy. I had a picnic at a bench too. (picture attached). Pinky tried to get me to jump over these logs but I either went under or round but not over the top. I'm not a show horse. Mr Goody Goody went over them though. I thought he was too old but he jumped them no problem. I had another go and did 1 out of 6, I would have carried on but Pinky was exhausted by this time.

Anyway I'm off for some beauty sleep - hope to catch you all soon.

Mindy xx

Hi - I'm Mindy the Adventurous one!!!

Hi there,

This is Mindy, I am the adventurous one of the family. My parents and brother Alf call me naughty but I know different - and I'm sure all of you do too! They just don't seem to understand.

Well last week I came into the kitchen with apparently a very dirty face and a look that said I had been digging! Don't know where they get their ideas from, but as it was dark they couldn't find anything. Next morning the pinkies get up for work and mummy pinky takes me and Alf for our early morning walk, she locked the door and set off and "THUD" she fell down a hole! How on earth did that get there! I cleared off and Mr Goody Goody (Alf) stayed and helped her up! Huh creep! Anyway she couldn't get a picture of it because she filled it in before thinking!

Luckily no bones were broken, I swear it wasn't me that dug it - check the photos out for yourself and see what you think?!!!! I'll continue later of my recent antics - I deserve a medal!

Mindy xx

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello All!

Well hello there,

Long time no write! To be honest we have been very busy and just haven't had the time to up date.

Mindy is being her usual chewing self, and me well I'm being hansome as usual!! I did have some photos to upload but dad has gone to York on the train today and won't be back until I'm in bed! So I shall get those done over the weekend.

We haven't been away on holiday recently so must look into that and drop a few hints to the pinkies!

We had a bonfire last Saturday and had 20 people come. Luckily we didn't have fireworks - I don't mind them and will go outside and watch them, as long as I can sit next to mum on my lead! However Mindy is petrified and spent Sunday night sat on mums lap..........I didn't know whether to feel sorry for her or not! Luckily living in a village we only get them for 2 nights - so lucky for her!

Well I'm off for a short walk in the dark and boy is it windy! Will catch you soon.

Alf n Mindy xx

Mindy here - I met some new people this week and they thought I was a woolly beauty, I must admit they all fell in love with me! and now it seems I have some friends for life. Alf wasn't so bothered by the people he just walks off with his head in the aire!!!! I on the other hand lap it up!

Mindy xxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our week inside!

Well here we are a new week. Are we glad to be home with the pinkies! It all started last Sunday when we went for a lovely afternoon walk down some nice public footpaths and over stiles - in mycase lifted over! in Mindys' case charged underneath! (she's not normal). We thought it was a tad strange as usually we go early morning before people get up but this week it was different. Then when we got home it was all action - the blue ruck sack came out that is my kennel bag!

It was packed with my stuff and Mindy's I thought hmmmph it looks like we are both going away! and I thought she was going back to where she came from! ( I love her really!).

We set off and I knew straight away where we were going - Willowbottom Boarding Kennels. We leapt out of the car and dragged mum in! along with bags, biscuits, cages etc.,! Then as Mindy went through the door down the drive to the kennels I turned back to give mum a special kiss! Then I was o.k! not sure about mum though.

A week later- after trying to get into the office to fax my mate Noah to say all was well this end! they returned. That's after Mindy Moo Moo had chewed the plaster off the walls on all the corners in the kennel and run! Ooops - well the lady was told.

We heard the car pull up on the gravel at 3.15 on Monday and thought that sounds like the pinkies! We went totally barmy jumping, barking and biting eachother and mum and dad! Then we were bundled back in the car and head for home!

That's when the bad thing happened.........................THE BATH!!!!! oh dear - why do we always have to have a bath when we go away!

Although now we are clean and fluffy and look little bears! Mindy is so hairy now she's desperate for a hair cut! I grow at a slower rate - especially the beard!

We are just about caught up on our sleep now - although we are both going early tonight! Catch you soon folks!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Our Day Out!

Well yesterday (Sunday) was a lovely day, we went to Calke Abbey and met up with our friends Molly and Taffy. We were all very well behaved and went for a lovely walk through some countryside and over stiles )or under them in mycase!!

We saw a labrador retriever swimming in the water after sticks - silly dog. That's one thing that I certainly wouldn't want to do. Taffy did go in and have a drink and got his legs wet - but didn't venture any further although he wanted to!

We had some lunch and met another Airedale called Wallace - he looked like a nice chap and had a lovely haircut. Then we went for another walk before we had to head home!

We certainly slept well last night that's for sure.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

We've been tagged

Well thanks Molly and Taffy for tagging us for the Car Tag Game.

We have decided that Mindy would be the new model by Audi the S5 Coupe - It has 325 lb of torque (she never shuts up)!!, 108.3 in wheel base - the widest sports coupe in the market (she has a wide rear end!!, and it's fast and racy!!! Just like her!

As for Alf well he's more sedate and likes to be seen and not touched! - so he has chosen a Morgan Roadster - 2 seater - just enough room for him and his mum!!! He can have the wind in his aire and as it is hand made with loving care - he feels that this car was made just for him!
No we have to decide who to tag next! let's have a think!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The homecoming........

Well off we all trudged down to the car - where I said goodbye to my furry mummy and was bundled into a cage in the back of a silver car and off we set.....we got about 300 yards down the road and the man in the front driving (later found out he was called Dad!!) said whats that awful smell? I had left a deposit in the cage on the newspaper for him!!!! We pulled up at a newsagents to change the paper and then mum sat in the back and held my paw through the cage all the way home.. As they were discussing names Mum said Eric - and Dad said "No Uncle Eric would be offended!!" then they decided on Syd. "No Nan wouldn't like it! It was Grandad's name!' Then Dad said "Did you see his mum - she looked like Alf the Alien!' that was it - Alf it was!!!!

When we arrived home I was taken out into the garden - it was massive I'd never seen anywhere so big before. Luckily I was on a lead and was walked round part of it! To a small boy there was so much to see and sniff.

I slept all night that night with not a peep. The only disturbance really was mum kept coming downstairs to the kitchen to look at me.....I'd got her round my little paw already!

The next morning I went to meet my Nan who was to look after me every day (Monday - Friday) until I was 12 months old. Dad used to take me in the morning at 7.30 and Mum would pick me up at 5.00pm I got used to the times she would come and would sit and look through a gap in the fence waiting for her then I would start to cry and get excited!!!

This went on for almost 12 months when they started to leave me at home until dinner was great! Then either Mum would come home or Nan would come and fetch me and we would go and pick up my cousin ~(her grandaughter) from school. I used to sit in the back inbetween the kids!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Going back to my puppyhood.............

Well it all started on a Wednesday evening 21st November 2001. Mum had been out to Shropshire for the day on a dog grooming event - to see if she wanted to take it the time they had no dog as the old one (such a good boy he was I have been told!!!) had died a few months before..............yadda yadda yadda!!!!

Anyway it was a horrible night raining and wind howling when Dad got back from his sisters house and said there is an advert in the paper selling Airedale puppies - well mum had said that IF they ever have another dog it would be an Airedale and he would be called Eric!! Mum said it's a horrible night we'll think about it......then she went out to get something from the car and found a cage in the back that he had fetched off his mum!!! So off they set - to Sheffield to just look at these puppies........

Well they got there an hour and a half later - and were taken down to the kennel run in the garden to meet 8 puppies.........we all came tumbling out and I thought ---wey hey I like these two. So to get noticed I started to drag the great big yard brush about and they picked 3 puppies to take into the house to have a closer look at.................and gues what..........................they picked me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! the people asked when we were coming back for him and we said we'll take him now thanks! I'm so glad they did....................more to follow!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New to this.

Well hello there!

I'm new to all this - but at last I've encouraged my pinky (human) to start a blog for me and my great friend Mindy.

We are both Airedale Terriers, I'm 6 years old and called Alf and my friend is Mindy who is 10 months old - and naughty with it!!!

I was bought from Sheffield 6 years ago when I was a small boy of 8 weeks old. I have been spoilt for most of my life!! that is until 2 months ago when Mindy arrived! I'm still spoilt but obviously not as much but I don't mind because I love her and we get on great after a tricky start! Well I can't add much more yet as I can't access the pictures of me until my pinky comes in from work!

More to follow................................Alf


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Mindy's feet

Mindy's feet
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Cromford Mill

Cromford Mill

John, Hilary, Molly, Taffy, Mindy and Alf

John, Hilary, Molly, Taffy, Mindy and Alf
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Alf Napping
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Mindy Napping
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