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Friday, September 4, 2009

A quick catch up....

Hey everyone

We must firstly apologise for the lack of correspondence, this is partly due no sorry down to the pinkies. They have been trying to finish the building work, it's still on going but now the driveway is done well almost it will be done next weekend! We ran out of blocks but now we have some more!

Errrrm what did we do in June? We went to the caravan for a long weekend and that was good, we had decent weather, I went in the sea - but not for long so don't worry I won't be doing it again for a while!

July - we went into kennels -pah the cheek of it! The pinkies went to France for a week and left us behind, do they not realise that we can go now too! Although mum did say that it was a long way for us to be cooped up and they were on the boat for 4½ hours as well as the 4 hour drive to get to the ferry port! So maybe we would have been a little bored!

The week soon passed though and they were soon there to pick us up when they got back! We even found out that they travelled in the Muppet Mobile, I mean fancy using that and not taking us with them! Oh well at least they had room for the push bikes and all the other stuff that they seem to take with them! Apparently it was really nice in France and they ate and drank far too much - (no change there then!).

Considering it has been summer it hasn't been very good to be honest, I think we had one week where it was about 30 degrees and then that's it! I did go in the local river though - I'll attach a picture for proof! To be honest it was that hot I just needed to cool my paws down.

Mum has been quite busy this last 3 weeks as unfortunately our Nannie Pinky had a slight stroke in August and was taken into hospital she has since come home and made good progress but last week had a set back and was taken back in, this has gone on and she has been admitted into hospital 3 times, luckily she is back home again now and waiting to see a cardiologist as they think she may have heart problems. It is shocking as she is the fittest 67 year old we know, she walks our legs off and just keeps going. Paws crossed that she will be better soon as she can't go walking at weekends with us at the moment it does her in just coming down the stairs etc.,!

Well I'll leave you with a couple of pictures and hope to catch you all again soon.

Alf x

PS : Mindy has decided to help in the blackberry picking contest!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's warming up nicely.........

Hi everyone,

Well we are sorry that yet again its taken our Pinky so long to update our blog, but she reckons she's been busy!

Well quite alot has gone on since the last entry but to be honest its been so long ago I am having trouble remembering!

Well March we saw my Pinky Mum have a large birthday!!! Aparently life begins, I don't know what people mean when they say this but there you go! Yes such a big event that we got left behind in kennels and they went away!

We didn;t mind but did object to the bath that we had to have when we got home - apparently we smell when we've been in kennels - huh have you smelt a pinky when they've been away!

Next up we went to Cornwall for Easter - we haven't managed to get down there since September last year when mum had her arm in plaster so we were looking forward to some good food and different sniffs! We had a great time and the weather was gorgeous, the camera was taken but some stupid pinky left the battery in the charger at home, so no piccies taken I'm afraid!

We have a couple that were taken at Falmouth Docks but we weren't on them but will get them added so that this isn't too much of a boring entry for you all!

I've been supervising the building works, we have to say that it is now nearly complete but not quite! The new bedroom was wallpapered twice and has been removed now and it has been painted! I don't know they are so indecisive! I'll show you a pic of me inspecting it when the camera is charged up!

Pinky has also been having a sort out in the garden - the people that lived in our house before us had a gravel fettish and seemed to love the stuff - hence it's been shovelled around into different piles before going in a skip - now we have a whole rear garden that is turfed, we don't really go in this one much we prefer the big field where we can be seen and heard!! The other garden is out of the way of the house and Alf tends to get through the hedge and get stuck!! That's another story!

Anyway - I'm getting kicked off here now so had better go, I'll write soon and tell you how Alf escaped! The norty boy - good job I'm such a good girl isn't it!

Mindy and Alf xxx

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thinking of Klaus.

Thinking of Klaus, Lulu and Bogart

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow, snow and more snow

Well we've just sat and typed out an entry and it got lost in snowy cyber space!

Hey everyone - how are you all........well we are ok here all getting over flus, colds and coughs but we are slowly on the mend (pinkies not us muppetts!!).

Last Saturday Pinky was complaining of a bad throat and so had to take plenty of medication because they had a surprise '40th' Party to go to for mum's school friend - geez they've known each other for longer than I can dare to think! Anyhow after a 120 mile round trip and a good time was had by all - they returned home. Snow had been forecast but none had landed!

Sunday it was freezing cold and still no snow....................Monday morning we were faced with this...................

We went for our usual walk along the track and lane I was like something possessed racing here there and everywhere! Mindy was beside herself too - racing around trying to eat it all. Anyhow Pinky has been at home with us for the last few days because of this flu bug that she managed to catch, she has a cough now and sounds horrendous. However I'll attach some pictures and go and check her temperature again!

Take care all - Alf x and Mindy x

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short back and sides!

Hi everyone, it's me Slinky Mindy!

Today I've been to the salon to have my 'aire' cut. Usually pinky does this but she decided that it was about time I went to a proper shop! I always thought I looked ok but now I look even better. Gone are the mammoth locks and it looks like I am made of suede!

Alf hasn't left me alone since I got back - I think he likes it, but I have been growling at him because he keeps sniffing my butt! I've told him back off - I don't sniff yours!

Anyway nothing else to report - I'll be back at the weekend when I've been out on a muppet adventure with the pinkies and Alfred!

Take care everyone - and kisses to Tess in Australia - hope she feels better soon.

Mindy xxxx

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Belated Happy New Year All!

Hi there everyone - A belated Happy New Year - sorry it's a bit late but I've been busy building and supervising the pinkies!

The kitchen is nearly at completion stage and we are only waiting now on the man to come and tile the floor. It's one job that dad isn't going to do - we've got a man coming here to do it for us - so we can put our paws up for the week and watch him work!

We have been on some great outings over the Christmas / New Year break in the cold crisp air!

We had to have some new parts as well for the washing machine, after the discharge pump broke and dad had to take it apart and order a new one! Apparently there were a couple of very important parts that were to be kept and guess what - Mindy ate the two parts - so instead of it costing £25 to repair it cost £55!! oh dear they weren't pleased - and we were without a washing machine for nearly 3 weeks! Mum had to take the washing to work - luckily they have a washing machine - but she refused to put the smalls in incase anyone saw them going round in the glass door! They had to go to Nanny Pinkies!

It has been decided that tomorrow young Mindy is going for a real haircut. Since Pinky had her arm operation she is a bit worried about aggravating it - so tomorrow she is off to Dogs Bodies for a cut and blow dry! We'll take some pics if she comes out ok!!

I'll leave you with some pictures of some nice frosty walks!

Alf x

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Death of a Tumble Dryer Ventilation Hose.............

Hi Alf here,

Well what can I say - Mindy has been getting better over the last few months until yesterday that is.

Pinkies spent the weekend doing odd jobs as they always do and Dad decided to fit the vent on the tumble dryer so that it goes straight outside from the utility room and not through the window. This way they can have it on Economy Seven - (Cheap skates!!!).

Anyway it was all fitted nicely and it came through the wall into our muppet pen behind a flap. Imagine Dad's horror when he came home at lunchtime yesterday to see it stretched out and wrecked all over the floor! I kid you not.......The mad woman had got hold of it - still haven't worked out how yet though, and pulled it through the wall - it's a wonder she didn't pull the dryer off the shelf in the utility and wrenched the lot through - nothing left inside at all! She was jumping around barking all excited when he got home, I walked off and left them to discuss it together. I think she was sorry because she was quiet last night, but back to her stupid self this morning!

Anyway I'll leave you with a picture of it and her - although she didn't want to sit next to it and she refused to look at the camera!!!

See you all soon - I'm off to wrap a present for my girl!

Alf x


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